About Genesis Care Residences


Genesis Healthcare Group is a healthcare group based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that continually strives to provide world-class healthcare through its network of primary care establishments throughout Malaysia. We aspire to change the face of primary healthcare in our home markets by redefining the patient experience and the quality of care provided in our facilities.


  • Primary Care Clinics

  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centers 

  • Ambulance Services

  • On-site Medical Services

  • Aged Care Residences

Genesis`s chain of healthcare facilities specialize in the practice of Urgent Care and a Primary Care Medicine. We are dedicated to serving the community through personalized and timely medical visits. We aspire to continue setting up more primary care establishments close to the heart of booming neighborhoods and thriving communities near you. We open all our practices with the goal of breaking down the barriers between doctors and patients by establishing accessibility, transparency, and affordability to the practice of medicine. We hope to be in your neighborhood in the near future.

An Integrated Healthcare Approach


At Genesis, we practice an integrated healthcare approach in managing our residents needs. This involves collaborating our care efforts among various medical professionals involved in the care of our residents. What make our integrated healthcare approach unique is the sharing of information among team members related to our residents care and the establishment of a comprehensive treatment plan to address the biological, psychological, and social needs of each individual resident. Our inter-professional healthcare team includes a diverse group of members (i.e: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals) depending on the need of the residents.