Activities for clients in Genesis

At Genesis, we operate with the knowledge that more often than not the clients that are in our care are set to remain with us for an extended period of time. As such, we owe it to them to ensure that the experience we create for each of them go beyond just providing the basic care needs that they require. Our goal is to promote and rekindle the act of finding joy and satisfaction in the little things in life. This may be in the form of learning the joy of picking up a paint brush, or baking a cake, or maybe even having a singalong with friends.


We are often reminded in the conversations we have with our clients family members of their concerns that their loved ones in our care may be subjected to being left to dwell in their quiet and lonely rooms only to be attended to when necessary. the purpose of this section is to assure you that this could not be further from the truth. 

The Genesis experience - going beyond nursing care

An important part of the work that we do involves organizing meaningful activities specifically curated to suit the capabilities of our clients. The activities that we coordinate in our facility are pre-planned in advance in order to ensure that the personnel and resources required for these activities are prepared and made available before-hand.


In managing large groups of people who often have varying degrees of needs, orchestrating and deploying activities for them can prove to be a big task. It is for this reason that we at Genesis have brought in a dedicated team leader whose job description is specifically to oversee and manage activities for all the clients in Genesis. 

Meet Calvin Chong - Our resident psychologist and client experience officer

Calvin is an exciting new addition to the team in Genesis. Having trained as a psychologist, he worked as a care supervisor for several years before recently joining the Genesis team as our head of client experience. 

His job description in Genesis today involves planning and curating activities for both groups and individuals with varying degrees of physical and cognitive disabilities. 

All activities planned in Genesis are planned in advance and can be available to be viewed in the activity planner here.

Visitors to the centre are always welcome to engage with us to either recommend activities that would be beneficial to the clients or even participate in them as volunteers.


If you would like to send us some  of your recommendation or perhaps participate as a volunteer in our activities, drop us a note here and we'll be happy to make it happen.