Assisted Living

The concept of assisted living is a term that has grown in popularity in Malaysia in the last decade. A terminology that seems to have originated from the United States, it refers to a living condition in which an individual who typically requires some degree of assistance in aspects of their daily living chooses to relocate into a facility where this kind of assistance can be accessed when required. The type assistance this usually refers to generally falls into the following categories:

  • Maintaining daily hygiene(i.e: bathing, oral hygiene/tooth-brushing, shaving, nail hygiene, ear hygiene, etc).

  • Toileting(i.e: these either refer to patients who need assistance ambulating to and from the toilet or those who are on diapers or some form of catheterization that warrants the need for assistance from another individual).

  • Help with purchasing of groceries, preparation of meals, feeding, cleaning up before and after meal preparation, etc.

  • Administration of medication(this includes checking on drug dosages, ensuring medication are viable, in sufficient quantity, and replenished in a timely manner. In addition to that, this scope involves ensuring that medication are consumed in the correct manner as prescribed and watching for adverse effects attributable to drug consumption).

  • Facilitation with logistics and transportation to perform errands, attend medical follow-ups, religious meetings, and others.

  • Physical accompaniment to events outside of the persons dwelling or residence.

  • Managing wound care including wound dressing

  • Facilitating recreational and social activities with the client.

Daily hygiene
Wound care
Recreational & social
Meal preparation
Physical accompaniment

How to determine if assisted living is suitable for your needs?

If you are currently researching for the best assisted living facility that's operated in a old folks home or nursing home setting and is available within the Klang Valley, chances are you are considering this service for either a loved one or yourself. If so, continue reading this description. At the end of this section, you should have a better understanding on what is covered within the ambit of assisted living and if indeed it covers all of your needs. 

Begin by asking what are the activities you require assistance with

This will be a good place to start whenever considering an assisted living facility, as you would have noticed in the definition of assisted living above, at this juncture, you or your loved one that's requiring this service is going to start requiring assistance in areas of their lives that were once private, that came to them naturally and more often than not, were rather intimate parts of their daily lives. As such, it's not enough to find an assisted living facility that's able to address these needs at a rudimentary level, but rather the facility in question must be able to dispense their services while at the same time retaining as much of that persons dignity and sense of self-worth as they surrender themselves to the idea that they are no longer independent.

Here are some important questions that will need to be answered at this stage: 

  1. What is the primary motivation in choosing to consider this change in you living conditions? By beginning with your primary motivation, you allow yourself to focus your consideration to addressing what were your primary issues at the outset.

  2. What are the activities of your daily life that you require assistance with? The can include anything from bathing, toileting, laundry, housekeeping, administering your own medication, etc. It's best if you involve your loves ones in answering these questions as more often then not, you may not be capable of accepting the reality that you are no longer as capable in handling some of the activities that once came to you naturally. 

  3. How often are you going to require this assistance. 

What should you look for in an assisted living facility

Now that you have answered the questions above, you're equipped yourself with sound knowledge on what your needs are. With this, direct your research towards locating an assisted living facility that answers your needs in the most efficient manner possible.


At Genesis, we know that our product offering is not capable of catering towards every persons needs. This is a realization that we are aware of and comfortable with. We believe that it is much more beneficial to disclose this to our prospective clients at the outset. Here's a breakdown of what our assisted living product offering includes:

Choice of rooms  in Genesis Life Care Centre Klang




Best value

Single room


Amenities in every room

In addition to the varied choices of rooms available, we also strive to include all the amenities we deem as necessary to ensure that our residents feel both comfortable and safe while residing within our dwelling. The amenities we provide include: 


Attached baths in every room

Nurse call buttons by clients bed side and in bathrooms


Hospital beds for those who require them


A choice of air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms.

Ceiling fans installed in all rooms


Lift access to all floors


Televisions in every room with Hypp TV channels


Nurses station in every floor


Professional in-facility laundry services(we operate industrial washers and dryers, manned by a dedicated team of personnel)


A pantry on every floor for clients to access a free flow of snacks, beverages, filtered water, etc


Dedicated house-keeping team that wash and clean all client rooms, baths and common area facilities on a daily basis.