Palliative Care

Palliative care is a branch of medicine whose focus is primarily in the area of pain management and the mitigation of suffering in patients that are inflicted with a complex disease process. This branch of medical specialty used to be practiced in a much more disease-centric manner, commonly in patients with terminal cancer. The medical fraternity however has now begun to adopt a much broader application of palliative care wherein the involvement of specialists are being encouraged to be included in a patients care management at a much earlier phase of the disease evolution.

Here in Genesis Life Care Centre old folks home, we have the privilege of having Dr. Felicia Chang, an accomplished medical practitioner in the field of palliative care medicine supporting our clients needs on a visiting consultant basis whenever her services are required. Her hard work and dedication has been invaluable in helping alleviate the pain and suffering of some of our clients. 

Dr. Felicia Chang, M.D is an established palliative care medical practitioner that consults in Genesis Life Care Centre Klang on a visiting basis. For questions relating to  services in this area or on Dr. Felicia's visiting hours, feel to email us at

Key focus areas in palliative care

Pain management
Psychological support
Spiritual support

A conducive environment that facilitates the recovery process


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The practice of palliative care if commonly although mistakenly referred to in parallel with hospice care. Unlike hospice care however, the practice of palliative care is not limited to the management of patients inflicted with cancer. Instead, the practice of palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life and providing comfort to patients afflicted with all forms of debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions. 

An example of the type of medical conditions that have been known to have significantly benefited from the involvement of palliative medicine early on are as follows: 

  • Heart failure

  • Obstructive lung disease

  • Kidney failure

  • AIDS

  • Alzheimer's

  • Cancer, etc

The goal of our palliative care team is to mitigate unpleasantness

At Genesis, our integrated team of health professionals work as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes in managing the pain and discomfort that our clients may be afflicted with. 

For more information on the work that we do in this area, contact us to have a more detailed conversation about the kind of help we may be able to provide you with. You can reach us through the phone number provided below or by filling out the form attached here.