Post-op Care

If you or a loved one are preparing for a major surgery, you may be researching for a old folks home or nursing home that will be able to assist you though the recovery and rehabilitation phase that immediately follows the surgery. More often than not, a major surgery will render a person physically dependent for a period of time. More importantly, the facility or person providing post op care must be trained to watch for complications resulting from the surgery as some of these complications have the potential to become life-threatening.

At Genesis, out post-op care services will include a comprehensive review with our resident medical team to first understand the nature of the surgical intervention a client is planned for. With this understanding, our team of professionals will the develop a care plan that will look into the following key areas: 

  1. Nutrition - To devise a meal plan that will take into account the clients ability to different types of food groups and to plan for supplemental nutrition where required.

  2. Wound care - To ensure that necessary equipment, and resources are available for proper wound care

  3. Physical rehabilitation - Develop an exercise regiment that is best suited to ensure optimal recovery of physical capability post surgery. This is typically undertaken by our team of physiotherapists in collaboration with the surgical team.

  4. To ensure that the room, environment, and surrounding is cosy, comfortable, and conducive to allow for clients to be able to recover well.

Key focus areas in post-op care

Wound care
Physical rehab

A conducive environment that facilitates the recovery process

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To view more pictures and videos of our rehabilitation centre setup, please visit our gallery here

When choosing a facility to support you in your post-op recovery, it is also important to ask if the facility in question has the required resources and personnel to support you in the event of a medical emergency. This is particularly important if the surgery you are about to undertake is a major operation with the potential to develop complications. It is also equally important to consider the distance from the said facility to your favored hospital should a medical emergency arise. 

Important questions to ask when considering a post-op care facility

1. Does the facility have competent personnel and equipment required in handling medical emergencies

2. Distance from the facility to my hospital allows for me to be transported in a timely manner during an emergency?