Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability among Malaysians. With trends indicating that strokes are set to become the second leading cause of mortality among Malaysians by 2040, we are presented with a grim reality that this trajectory is set to continue in its upward trend for some time to come.

This realization is what prompted us in Genesis to put together a state of the art in-facility physical therapy and rehabilitation centre focused on post-stroke rehabilitation. Our facility, managed by a team of professional therapists focus their early intervention strategy towards getting their clients to re-learn the skills that they lost as a result of the stroke. At Genesis today, we boast one of the most well-equipped in-facility physiotherapy centres compared to any other old folks home or nursing home in Malaysia

The most well equipped in-facility physiotherapy centre in Malaysia

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The key to optimal outcomes of any post-stroke rehabilitation programme lies in carrying out a meticulously directed, well-planned, repetitive training of a candidate in order for them to re-learn the skills that they lost as a result of the stroke. This is the same philosophy that would apply when learning any new skill like learning to play a guitar, or a dance technique. A person who has suffered a stroke may lose a set of motor skills like walking, speech, swallowing, etc. This happens due to the part of the brain that control these functions have suffered damage as a result of the stroke. Research has shown however that through well-planned and executed therapy, a person is capable of training another part of the brain to perform these functions, this is a concept referred to as neuroplasticity. 

In addition to that, a good post-stroke rehab programme will also teach a person to compensate for the irreversible functional losses that they may have sustained due to the stroke. This includes teaching them how to bathe, change, prepare meals, and eat with only one hand. 

Key focus areas in post stroke rehabilitation

Acute care
Cognitive training
Physical rehab
Support network

Our team of rehab experts


As outlined in the section above, post-stroke rehabilitation requires the work of a diligent, multi-disciplinary team that understand the complex science of neuro-rehabilitation. We at Genesis has put together an impressive team of therapist, led by our resident doctor, Dr. Phang Sue Ling, our head of physiotherapy, Teo Cheah Yau, and assisted by their capable associates, Angeline, Cindy, Ee Lin, and Calvin.

Dr. Phang Sue Ling, M.D

Founding Partner/ Chief of Operations

"The work i do here is immensely rewarding for me on a personal level as i have the opportunity to witness first-hand what a holistic approach to care can do towards their quality of life, and psychology. " 

The Cheah Yau

Founding Partner/ Head of Physiotherapy

"We are building a industry-leading physical and neurological rehabilitation centre that aims to transform the lives of the people that we engage. Our in-facility programmes are truly one of its kind."  

Azraidie Bin Jasni

Head of Nursing

"It has been a true blessing for me to have discovered a team of like-minded healthcare professionals that share  my views on the virtues of good nursing care. Together, we are continually improving the quality of care we provide here in Genesis." 

Cindy Ooi Jia Li


Qualification: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) from Mahsa University

Area of Interest: Stroke rehabilitation, Dementia care, Music therapy


Lee Eelin


Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy (Inti International University)

Area of Interest: Stroke rehabilitation


Calvin Chong Cay Wern


Qualification: Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology

Area of Interest: Cognitive therapy, Dementia care


Angeline Lee Jia Jing

Centre Manager, Dietitian

Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dietetics with Nutrition (IMU)

"I'm on a mission to improve the quality of life of the senior folk that we care for here in Genesis by optimizing their nutritional intake. The collaborative spirit of the team here in Genesis has allowed me to achieve significant feats in this area."


Ng Lee Yoong

Head Chef

Area of Interest: Asian cuisine, family meals

Amir Alif bin Azlan

Assistant Chef

Qualification: Diploma in culinary (Inti)

Area of Interest:


Raihana Nur Bt. Abdul Fadidz

Junior Chef

Qualification: Diploma in Culinary 

Area of Interest: